Privacy Policy

1. Pufmag does not share any user's name, surname, phone deletion and any personal owner with any web address while browsing the site. It is protected to take care of users' navigation and other personal information within the site.

2. Pufmag can only share details with 3rd parties;

2.1- It can be shared if we have been contacted in writing or by e-mail about a legal situation and if it is intended to protect and defend the protectors of our web address.

3. Pufmag takes great care in protecting personal information. Your privacy is valuable to us.

4. Our web address is not responsible for the problems and legal problems caused by the use of the content shared on our site.

5. Advertisements are made on our site. We work with companies such as Adsense etc. These advertisements may contain cookies and cookies may be collected by companies. It is not possible for us to see these sages. Please review the privacy contracts related to Adsense etc. companies..

6. If the ip address files are active while they are in the documents, it is due to the fact that we do not recognize you.

7. Our Pufmag site also shares some aspects of links from other web addresses. The privacy policy only concerns our web address.

* Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 ("KVKK")

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