M3GAN & Chucky Are Feuding Over Who's The Better Killer Doll


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The titular character of the brand new horror film M3GAN, is arguing with Child's Play franchise main character Chucky, over who's the higher killer doll. M3GAN is the brand new film from main horror studio Blumhouse, which went viral following its first teaser trailer revealed that the title killer doll has each ounce of style the iconic Chucky has, up to date for a brand new generation. The story of the film revolves round an aunt who creates a high-tech doll for her younger niece, the AI robotic named M3GAN. The killer doll takes her task to defend the girl very seriously, which results in a murderous rampage.

The official Twitter accounts for M3GAN and Chucky are having a hilarious feud on Twitter, with each fighting for the title of the superior killer doll.

M3GAN is already a field workplace success, with the movie's opening weekend sum of $30.2 million alone being sufficient for the film to earn greater than double its $12 million budget and with a sequel on the way. With M3GAN 2 already within the works, the killer doll might be set to crossover with different horror icons within the future, and iconic killer Chucky seems to be the one in her sights.

Who Would Win In A Fight - M3GAN Or Chucky?

As has been the case with earlier horror film franchises crossing over within the past, such as Freddy vs. Jason or Alien vs. Predator, a possible crossover between killer dolls M3GAN and Chucky would be bound to incorporate an epic fight between the characters. As issues get bloody, it's interesting to analyze how a fight between the humorous Blumhouse newcomer M3GAN and the veteran comedic icon and killer doll Chucky could possibly go down.

Chucky's journey through the Child's Play franchise has proven his incredible endurance and the currently ongoing Chucky TV present has renewed curiosity within the character, with main gamers from the film franchise returning for a sequel series that each revels within the nostalgia of the long-running journey, however additionally expands upon the lore. The Chucky series has presented an incredible foe for M3GAN, with the veteran doll surviving a number of makes an attempt of murder, together with catching on fire, being shot within the face, and more. Chucky has led a plan all through the show's two seasons so far that allowed him to make use of a number of different Good Guy dolls so as to return to his original film franchise doll body. Now, again as his old killer doll self, Chucky would be a really lethal enemy to M3GAN.

Even although Chucky seems to be at an all-time excessive in his energy levels, it nonetheless shouldn't be sufficient to top newcomer M3GAN's technological enhancements. Following the death of Cady's parents, she strikes in with her roboticist aunt Gemma, who creates M3GAN to watch over the younger girl. Because of this, when M3GAN decides to go rogue, she is instantly extra highly effective than Chucky has ever been. Essentially a killer robotic doll, M3GAN has super-human strength, a set of stealth skills, and, additionally like Chucky, a darkly charismatic persona, which incorporates hilarious dance moves. In the end, there seems to be no way Chucky could possibly win a direct fight with the title character within the upcoming M3GAN 2 or one other separate crossover movie.


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