100 Best New Year Quotes to Ring in 2023 - Parade: Entertainment ...


 100 Best New Year Quotes to Ring in 2023 - Parade: Entertainment ...

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During the Tang dynasty, people established the customized of sending bai nian tie (拜年帖), that are New Year's greeting cards. It is said that the customized was began by Emperor Taizong of Tang. The emperor wrote "普天同慶" (whole nation celebrate together) on gold leaves and despatched them to his ministers. Word of the emperor's gesture spread, and later it became the customized of individuals in general, who used Xuan paper rather than gold leaves.[35] Another theory is that bai nian tie was derived from the Han dynasty's name tag, "門狀" (door opening). As imperial examinations became important and reached their heyday under the Tang dynasty, candidates curried favour to become pupils of revered teachers, so as to get recommendation letters. After acquiring good examination marks, a pupil went to the teacher's home with a males zhuang (门状) to convey their gratitude. Therefore, eventually males zhuang became a image of good luck, and people began sending them to friends on New Year's Day, calling them by a brand new name, bai nian tie (拜年帖, New Year's Greetings).[36]

Why does the brand new year start on January 1?

Normal traditions occurring on the primary day contain home gatherings to the families, particularly the elders and households to the oldest and most senior members of their prolonged families, usually their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, and buying and selling Mandarin oranges as a courtesy to represent wealth and good luck. Members of the household who're married additionally give red envelopes containing money known as lai see (Cantonese: 利事) or angpow (Hokkien and Teochew), or hongbao (Mandarin: 红包), a type of a blessing and to suppress each the aging and challenges that were related to the approaching year, to junior members of the family, mostly children and teenagers. Business managers may additionally give bonuses within the type of red packets to employees to represent a smooth-sailing career. The money can be of any form, particularly numbers ending with 8, which sounded as huat (Mandarin: 发), meaning prosperity, however packets with denominations of odd numbers or with out money are usually not allowed due to bad luck, particularly the quantity four which sounded as si (Mandarin: 死), which means death.[71]

Australia and New Zealand[edit]

The celebrations and actions held worldwide on 1 January as a half of New Year's Day generally include the following:

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