Techniques to Create High-Quality Backlinks, inbound link building

Techniques to Create Quality Backlinks, inbound link building
In this article, we will discuss How to easily create High-Quality Backlinks, inbound links, and link building. So let's start.

What is a Backlink?

Common Backlinks are links that come from another page that points to your website or Blog (i.e., an external link). Backlinks are those inbound links that are directed towards your site and are used for search engine optimization websites. Google which is the main search engine and other search engines give high priority to a website that has a lot of high-quality backlinks or inbound links. Such as sites are considered relevant to others when a user performs a search query. A lot of web developers use backlinks links to display their websites at the top of the search engine (the most popular or more important than others).
The High Quality Backlinks are those interlinks that can be found within the content of other pages and when User click on them, they redirect user to the domain itself.
The Quality Backlinks or external inbound links play an essential role in the algorithm that Google uses to rank websites. Nowadays, backlinks still have considerable weight when it comes to positioning our website. But Google gives more importance to those Quality Backlinks that come from sites with higher Page Rank and that are relevant to the landing page theme. Creating High-Quality Backlinks or inbound links is a slow process that requires a considerable investment of time.
Since the High-Quality Backlinks that are produced in massive amounts through some programs or packages of backlinks that some companies sell no longer generate the desired impact from by the last update made by Google Algorithm. Also, not all inbound links are useful, if you have a forced link from a site that is not relevant to your niche, or in another language, which can even generate the opposite effect.
So the question that fits is "what are the relevant and High-Quality Backlinks and how to create them?"
In this article, I will teach you some strategic techniques for performing link building that works. These methods are scalable, and when you use it on your site, your rankings will improve. They will even improve your conversion rates.

Why High-Quality Backlinks are so Important for Google

Improve your ranking in the search engines. Using a lot of quality inbound links will make search engines to give your website a high priority compared to other sites. This will make your website appear on the first page of results when a user enters a search query in the search engines. Healthy Backlinks will significantly improve the ranking of your site in the search engines.
Maintain positioning in search engines. It's easy to get to the top but challenging to maintain. It can be an easy task to get to the top of the rankings of search engines, but difficult task to keep ranking because of the very tough competition. High-Quality Backlinks will help you maintain your ranking in search engines.
Increase visibility. Incoming links will bring your website pages in the handful of queries, which increases the visibility of your site. This is good for e-commerce sites or online stores to make your website more visible that will help improve the sales of your website. High-Quality Backlinks will help improve not only sales but also the creation and segmented their market share.
Attract more visitors. The website developers use both relevant and irrelevant backlinks to attract more visitors to their sites. This is a great way to attract visitors as you think your website has everything they are looking for. If your site provides what they are looking for, then inbound links are important. But if you have used inbound links while the site does not provide your visitors which they are looking for then backlinks are not relevant (irrelevant, weak or risky backlinks).

How does Google act when it comes to High-Quality Backlinks or inbound links?

  • The reference number of individual domains with the link to your website or one of the page is a significant factor in the Google algorithm.
  • The authority of the website or an authority web page with links to your site is also key. High authority links are much more valuable than many links with low-quality sites. An authority website is a site that is trusted. It is the trust of its users, trust by industry experts, trust other websites and trust by search engines.
  • An authoritative website does not necessarily have to be from the regular major publishers. If you have a niche website or blog with high quality, and with relevant content, you can have as much authority as any other source.
  • Quality Backlinks from older websites may be worth more than new sit inbound links.
  • Relevant site-links in your niche will have a significantly higher value than those of irrelevant websites that are not related to the product.
  • Links to low-quality sites will do very little for your visibility. If the site practices Black Hat SEO (Link-Schemes, Spam, Threshold Pages), then it can potentially damage your ranking.
  • The inbound links within the text of the main body of a web page are more valuable than the links found in different plugins or widgets that found elsewhere on the page.
  • If a site uses Nofollow links through meta tags, these links will not be reflected in the authority of your website. Some Nofollow editors automatically take all external links, which is a bad practice. Nofollow links should be reserved for sponsored, or paid links and content is not necessarily trusted.
  • Links from a wide range of websites are good, but many links from a single domain to your site (especially if it is one of the same sites that link to you) can be seen as spam.
  • Despite the above assumptions, a link from a redirected page 301 should not lose any PageRank as compared to a link from a redirected page, not 301.
  • Anchor text may affect the way that Google takes links to your site. In the links to your homepage and reference to your brand, the anchor text should just say your website or brand name. The links to your home page that are more descriptive "top local SEO experts" can be viewed as manipulators, so you should avoid this.
  • The anchor text to specific pages of your site should be descriptive (but concise) as possible to benefit from the inbound links.
  • Links at the top of a page have more weight than inbound links below.
  • Links more extended, evergreen content (an article of 1000 + word that has been popular for a long time) will give a higher value than short messages, based on the news.
  • Although a top-level domain is not necessarily considered as a factor, some people believe that obtaining inbound links from .edu or .gov domains may have more weight than others. This may be because these types of websites have a high authority anyway.

Advantages of High-Quality Backlinks

Search Engine Discovery

One of the most critical advantages of High-Quality Backlinks is their ability to help your website get found by the search engines. If you are not familiar with the concept, the act of search engines like Google and Bing to find the pages of the website on the web. This can be especially important for brand new websites that are not yet indexed in the major search engines.
Many years ago, the most popular way to get your site on Google's list was through the search engine submission. Today, link building has replaced the need for search engine submission, and it works much faster than the popular ex-presentation services.

inbound links and value of PageRank

Along with getting your website in search engines, link building has another advantage of search-related optimization: The value of link building and PageRank. Many website owners have at least heard of PageRank. PageRank is a numeric figure that Google uses to measure the relative value of a specific web page based on the High-Quality Backlinks that is aimed at it. Link value is pretty much the same, but it is something that applies to whole search engines, not just Google.
When you receive a link to your website, the link is considered a 'vote,' and while some titles may outweigh others. The cumulative score of these ratings can help shape the value of your website in the eyes of Search engines, and also how to rank first for certain keywords.

Keyword targeting

One final advantage and substantial link building are your resistance-driven keywords. What this power manifests is in helping to improve the relevancy of your website for certain keywords. So you can improve the ranking of your website in the search engines for your keywords. This keyword targeting is done primarily through the use of anchor text, or descriptive text, this is used to describe the link to your web page. The anchor text is the text that replaces the domain name in the visible part of the inbound links. And for the best results, it must contain keywords that represent not only the page you are linked to, but the keywords you want to rank higher in search engines.
There are a lot of benefits for those who build High-Quality Backlinks to their sites and to get the most out of it, and you may want to create a wide variety of connections. Although each type of backlink has its own unique set of benefits, when they are added together, you will have an extremely powerful tool to help increase site ranking in search engines and increase your website count visitors.

Scalable Way to Create High-Quality Backlinks

When we talk about SEO off-page, there are factors like backlinks or inbound links that, despite all the changes Google has made, are still very important.
But getting High-Quality Backlinks that points to our website is not a simple task, especially for those who are not very accustomed and specialized in the world of SEO.
If you want to position a website or a blog in the Google search, you undoubtedly have to increase the authority of your domain. And for this, you need to get High-Quality Backlinks (external links or inbound links). Although these links have lost some importance in the last year, they remain a crucial factor, if we want to climb to the top positions of the search engine. And these links or incoming links of quality, are still much more necessary if we want to achieve to position ourselves with a very competitive keyword.

Types of the inbound links or link building

There are two types of inbound links or link building called DoFollow links and NoFollow links.

1. Dofollow Links

It is a link that transmits authority to the page that links, i.e., it transmits what is known in SEO slang as "link juice." By establishing this type of link, we are creating relationships with other web pages, and we are making it easier for the Google search engine for more easily identify the topic of our content.
The DoFollow links are those links that are usually set by default. So you do not need to know how they are put. They do not need any special HTML attributes to place them. An example in HTML of a DoFollow link would be:
<a href=""> Web Example </a>
A DoFollow link serves to indicate to the Google spiders that follow it and index it when they detect it in a web page. In this way, the landing page of the link receives authority (link juice) from the web that has linked it.

Define Follow Links

To understand in depth what a follow link is, we need to make a brief introduction to it. And how links work when it comes to SEO. When a web page points to another in a link, the particular page receives a small benefit in its SEO. It is as if it were trying to earn points, the more links point to our link; and we will earn more points and therefore will be good for the SEO of our website.
Google actually takes note of these links and points, the thought of Google robots is more or less the following they say: "One moment many reputed pages are linking this website, surely this is a very good page, So it demolishes preferences in our search engine on other websites of similar themes, for the ease of our users.
The metric of Google is called PageRank and basically, what it does is calculate the points that it has obtained through the links. So if our websites could get a link from something like New York Times or the BBC would be pure gold for our page. And we receive a better ranking. We will get a better position in the search results.

Advantages of DoFollow links

  • They transmit authority to the destination web (whether external or internal). This transmission of authority is known as the link juice.
  • Getting them improves your web positioning.
  • Putting DoFollow links from your website to another one of relevance will also help you in position even if you transmit authority.

Disadvantages of DoFollow Links

  • An excessive amount of this type of links is counterproductive, and your web will be penalized by Google.
  • It transmits authority (it is also a disadvantage if it is your web that uses them to link others).
  • If you put internal DoFollow links (from your web to another part of your web), the authority between the source page and the destination page of the link will also be diluted.

2. Nofollow Links

Although they do not transmit authority, they do transmit web traffic and are very positive for SEO. Because it gives you a set of much more natural backlinks where you will have "DoFollow" links and a "NoFollow" link. NoFollow Link is generated in HTML code and looks like this:
<a href="" rel="Nofollow"> Link </a>
Google does not like artificial links, and if you see that in your case you have most "Dofollow" links, you probably think that they have not been achieved in a more or less natural way. But I do not want to get more involved with the definition, and I would like to go directly to tell you the best ways to get High-Quality Backlinks.
Nofollow links do not have as much "power" to position you, but their function is rather focused to protect you from possible incidents that the linked web may have. For example, a case of possible incidence would be if we have a web-linked that is penalized for X reasons, as a consequence we would also be penalized.
For Google is also important Nofollow links since it believes that all links favor our website because regardless of whether one page has more quality than another. If that website points to ours (backlinks), it is understood that our content is important for another Web. And therefore that is beneficial in some way for our positioning.

Advantage Nofollow Links

  • They are still links. Even if they do not give you more authority, readers who see that link can go to your website. So you will increase your quality web traffic.
  • You can use them to not transmit authority to the destination of the link. We had already seen this before but did not think that they are very useful for not transmitting the strength of your cover (the one that has the most authority) towards your cookie policy page for example?
    This very few people do, but it is essential not to "dilute" the relevance of the cover or other parts of your website with other sections such as "Contact" or "Legal notice."
  • It helps you not to overdo you with Dofollow links.
  • If someone tries to stick a link in the comments of the blog and you did not notice, at least you will not lose authority.

Disadvantages of non-follow links

  • They do not transfer authority to their destination.
  • They do not help web positioning as directly as Dofollow links.

Best Strategies for Getting High-Quality Backlinks

Through Social Media tools

You'd be surprised how many tools and social networking sites you can get dofollow links from and bestial domain authority. But to not make an endless list I'll just give you some representative examples. If you're a little bit greedy, you can get a lot of Dofollow links to the tweets posted to your Twitter account.
I placed a subtitle with a link at the beginning of the body of the blog post, and the tool will read only a fragment of the beginning of the content and insert a link with the anchor text "link." There are many, but I do not want the post to be a single listing of where we can put a link.


It is the easiest way to get external links or High-Quality Backlinks. Analyze other competitors that are well positioned in Google and look at the links they have, and you do the same. Replicate those links, and you will see how soon your site start uploading quickly in Google search. To analyze a competitor I recommend two tools Ahrefs and Open site explorer.

Publishing articles on high authority blogs or the Guest Post

The guest post is the simplest but requires an effort. You will have to generate high-quality content to publish it on another blog with authority and the same sector. Of course, in addition to analyzing the domain authority of the blog where you want to publish, also analyze the web traffic you have with the Similar web.

Choosing a good content strategy

You have to know what types of content that more inbound links or backlinks can report to you in a natural way.
The contents that get more quality links from my experience are:
  1. Rankings.
  2. List of tools or resources.
  3. Collaborative content.
  4. Infographics.
  5. Comprehensive guides or manuals.
  6. Case Studies or Success.
  7. Video tutorials.
Analyzing the contents of the competition we can see which are the most backlinks has achieved. To do this we will use the Ahrefs tool, and click Overview ⇒ Top Pages and then click on the "BACKLINKS" tab, and finally filter through Dofollow links, and you will get an image.

Analyzing images and infographics

The Image Raider tool is a real wonder. Because it allows us to track all the sites where any image or graphics of our authorship have been published. With this method, you can build High-Quality Backlinks more or less 20 to 30 links every month. So imagine if this strategy is effective. This method is known as reverse image search, and we can do it using the Google search engine itself.

Tumblr and the content healing tools

You can use to make synchronized automatically and be published on Tumblr. And the good thing about Tumblr is that we can get dofollow links from a domain with authority 99. With you will get Nofollow links.It is advisable because more and more professionals use it to find content to share on social networks, that is a content healing tool.

Networking with other professionals

It is highly recommended to establish a strong relationship with a small group of peoples. Because it is very likely that you will get many High-Quality Backlinks gradually in a natural way, and without having to ask for nothing in return.

Build High-Quality Backlinks and Dominate Google Effectively

Build a Website for People

One of my favorite and very true phrases is "search engines follow people." Have you noticed how Wikipedia articles dominate Google results? This phenomenon is because Wikipedia is a site made exclusively for people. All people feel naturally connected to Wikipedia for its high level of quality and performance. When people talk about you on the internet, the links come naturally and effectively.

Be Helpful

Each website has its purpose and its utility for its users. If you do not satisfy a need or demand for your visitors, people will not take you because you are not giving them what they seek. Instead, if your website offers quality content and it has a utility for your readers. They will end up talking about you and generating links to your page.

Stay on Top of Competitor's Links

To find the best sources of links, it is advisable to analyze the sources of links of your competitors who are positioning themselves for your same keywords. You can use these sources for your website. If those inbound links are helping your competitor improve their rankings, they will probably also help you.

Leave Feedback on Blogs

It's great to use blog comments as a way to get High-Quality Backlinks to your website. Personally, I recommend leaving comments in the main niche blogs. In addition to getting inbound links, you can also generate some traffic to your website. Write elaborate comments and contribute some information. Because if you do not do so nobody will notice your comment and you will not get traffic to the link to your comment.

Participate in Social Bookmarking Sites

Many of these sites offer dofollow links which can incredibly help your site's ranking. Personally, I use social bookmarking sites to index all the backlinks I create for my website. Every time I create a link to a website with a good PageRank. I use Social Bookmarking sites to get the backlink indexed quickly. To automate this process, I use a tool called IM Automator. Which for $ 2.99 a month performs this task in an automated way.

Add Links to Forums with Signatures

The forums allow you to place a link to your web page with the signature of your profile. Which will be displayed every time you post a comment or forum post. Register in the 2 or 3 main forums of your niche market. These links are dofollow so that they will help your positioning, and if you are an active user then can also be a source of significant traffic.

Use Free Content Sites

You can post articles on free content websites. You do not need to create very large or high-quality items. Write short articles and place a link to your website in each of the articles. The quality content is better than you save it for your blog, and it will be more profitable.

Use Article Directories

Directories are like online libraries for websites. These websites are that categorize and list other websites, based on many factors depending on each directory.
If your website is added to a directory, you can increase the visibility of your site with a valuable and High-Quality Backlinks. Keep in mind that smaller directories can be of great help as well. For example, if your business is an art gallery, try searching the web for an art directory. If your site has a physical location. It is strongly recommended that you submit your site link to local directories. Be sure to submit it to the most relevant directories based on the purpose of your website.
The best article directory is EzineArticles. This directory allows you to enter good quality content that can quickly generate few links. Other good directories are ArticlesBase and GoArticles. All these websites have a very high PageRank. So your links have a lot of value and can greatly improve your ranking.

What You Should Not Do

  • Do not build links too fast, always remember the principle of quality over quantity.
  • Do not use resources or tools to generate links that can be considered as spam. Keep in mind that your links come from consolidated sites. And focus on these sites instead of other sites of lousy reputation or reputation.
  • Do not build links based on just one phrase or keyword. The most effective way to publicize your site is to use several phrases and keywords for your links, and this means your link building will be much more natural.

Final Words

I described all way to Create High-Quality Backlinks, the inbound link building.

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Pufmag: Techniques to Create High-Quality Backlinks, inbound link building
Techniques to Create High-Quality Backlinks, inbound link building
A Complete Guide to get Quality Backlinks (inbound links) for website. Quality Backlinks tell search engines that your website has authority, which can help Google rate your high-quality content. Simple ways to build High-Quality Backlinks.
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