Top Best Real WiFi Hacking Apps For Android Smartphones | Latest Edition

Nowadays most of the peoples have a question in mind that, how can use free WiFi or which are the best and real WiFi Hacking Apps for Android to crack WiFi Password. So in this post, I'll share all the information and also guide you step-by-step to hack WiFI password easily. Are WiFi networks really secure? Most people think that Hacking WiFi password is required perfect knowledge of program coding and its so difficult task and only Hackers can do it. But actually not, now it is easy, anyone who has an Android smartphone can crack WiFi password within few clicks.
According to the white hat security researchers and notorious hackers: No device or network is completely secure. After making some efforts you can find many flaws in networks and take control of any network device.
WiFi networks pose an extra security challenge like WPA2 can encrypt traffic. There are many techniques that have the power to tamper the network security. There are so many hacking tools for Windows, Linux, macOS, and iOS as well the world of WiFi Hacking Apps for Android, with which you will be able to hack a WiFi network. 

How To Hack Wi-Fi Password In Android Device?

In this article, we'll discuss 'How to hack WiFi password in Android' and which one is the best wifi password hacker app for android. Almost everyone has an Android smartphone and most of them want to know how they can crack WiFi password using their Android device. So if you are one of them, then this helpful article is for you.

Before introducing some real WiFi Hacking Apps for Android, let me explain some basic queries about these Apps. Mostly WiFi network devices are secured with WEP or WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption and you should have to put a unique key called wifi password in order to connect that wifi network. So to solve this issue we need to crack that WiFi password. And for that reason, we need any kind of app or tool called WiFi Hacker.

Now you don't need to be a master of any kind of program coding or commands. There are many WiFi Password Cracked apps are available on google play store for Android based on GUI (Graphical User Interface). So you can Hack WiFi password with Android smartphone easily.

In this list of  'Best WiFi Hacker App For Android', we have best Android apps which are easy to use and also capable of Hack WiFi Password within few clicks.Top Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android Smartphones | Latest Edition

Real WiFi Hacking Apps For Android

As we know, there are many WiFi Hacking Apps for Android and ios operating system available on the internet to crack WiFi password but most of them are fake and don't work properly. After being scammed several times finally got some best wifi password hacker apps for android. So here is the list of tested and the best WiFi Password Hacker apps for Android to crack the password on any WiFi network.

All these WiFi Hacking Apps find a loophole in that WiFi connection and use that to get the password. But if WiFi networks encrypted by WEP security then that are very easy to hack by using any provided Best WiFi Hacker APK for Android. WEP is not that much secured and can be cracked in just a few minutes within a few clicks if you know how to do it. WPS encryption allows us to connect wifi without providing the encryption key, it rather uses an automatically generated unique 8 or 9 digit WPS pin to get connected to the router. And WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption is hard to crack. For this reason, we need some basic requirement for using these real WiFi hacking apps for Android. So by using the below-given apps, you will be able to use any WPS WiFi connection for free. Here is the list of best wifi hacker app for android without root.

Basic Requirements For Using Real WiFi Hacking Apps

Before trying WiFi Hacking apps, make sure your android smartphone meet all necessary requirements which can make your android device a complete Linux operating system. Before staring throughout all the unnecessary thing from your mind. Relax and set your mind only in that process and be patient because of No patience = No WiFi password. These Below mentioned things will help these real WiFi Hacking Apps to get password easily.
To prepare your device here we describe some basic things.
  • Rooted android device- These all WiFi hacking apps required Root Access to work. So it is necessary to use full administrator power of the Android operating system, you need to root your device. So I recommend you to root your Android smartphone.
  • Android Version 4.0+- All WiFi hacking apps need to have 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher version of Android system. So to crack WiFi password you must have the latest Android version of using real WiFi Hacking apps.
  • Busy Box for Android- In order get all the real WiFi Hacking apps to function properly you need to install the busy box on your smartphone. It gives you liberty and makes device smoothly usable while you are on a tract of cracking wifi
  • Strong WiFi Signals- Before starting to hack WiFi password make sure device getting Proper signals from targeted WiFi. Because if you have no proper signals or getting weak signals then you can not get access to the network.
  • Xposed Framework- This is the last thing, to get all the hidden powers of all real WiFi Hacking apps, you must install the Xposed framework on your android smartphone.
After complete the above tasks, your device is ready to crack wifi password easily using these apps. There are hundreds of apps and WiFi Hacking tools available on the internet but most of them are either fake or a virus loaded.

Top WiFi Hacking Apps For Android

Here are some best wifi password hacker apps for android with a short description. With some easy steps that you have to follow to use WiFi hacker apps that you can better understand the procedure of that application.


This notorious hacking app is known for its ability to breaking the WiFi security. This is very useful and 100% working and also the best wifi password hacker app for android available on google play store. With this app, you can easily hack any WiFi password which encrypted with WPS or WPA2 PSK protected WiFi network. So if you want to crack WiFi password, then you must try this real wifi hacker app for android.

This real Wifi hacking app specially designs for the rooted devices on the Android platform. After installing it required to access root permission. It has a user-friendly interface and easy to use. With this app, you can get Wifi password within seconds that you wish to hack. Just hit the target network and it will fetch the password in just seconds.

This is the widely used real WiFi Hacking app for Android. This app is able to find the wifi password its internal function WPS attack. WiFi WPA WPS Tester is best for WPS enabled WiFi network because it can easily find the WPS pin code. Here some highlighted features of this app:
  • you can test the connection to AP with WPS PIN. PINs are calculated with many algorithms.
  • The app allows notifying if WPS is in LOCK STATE ( ROOT AND NO ROOT ).
WiFi password hacker for android free download APK file here.

    2. Kali Linux Nethunter

    You must try this if you need a real WiFi hacking app for Android. The Kali Linux NetHunteris the first Open Source Android platform app for backing Offensive WiFi Security. Its custom kernel, which supports 802.11 wireless injections, makes Kali Linux Nethunter a must have WiFi hacking tool. Here some highlighted features of this WiFi Hacker app:
    • WiFi chipset that supports monitor mode
    • Wireless Injection support with supported USB wifi cards.
    • Contains a full Kali Linux toolset.
    • Use Kali Linux Nethunter with your Android smartphone for hack WiFi radio space.
    This WiFi password hacker app for android free download here.

    3. Zanti

    Zanti is a most famous real WiFi Hacking tool that allows the security managers to analyze the risk levels in any WiFi network. Zanti produces an Automated Network Map that highlights every vulnerability of a given target WiFi network device. Its WiFi scanner shows the access points with default key configuration. By powerful cyber attacker app, you can identify the holes in WiFi network and make amends. It can easily evaluate in any network and automatically diagnose vulnerabilities within Android devices. Some highlighted features of this WiFi Hacking app for Android.
    • Zanti put the device into “permissive” mode so that certain commands are allowed to run.
    • Uncover authentication, backdoor, and brute-force attacks.
    • Full customizable network reconnaissance scans.
    • Change the SELinux configuration on your device.
    This real wifi hacker app android 100 working.

      4. Nmap

      Nmap is a Popular WiFi Hacking tool. It is one such tool, which has been ported to Android by many Android developers. This WiFi hacking app design for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. However, non-rooted Android users don’t get to use its advanced features. Nmap is also available for other platforms like Ubuntu, Linux, Mac, and Windows. This real WiFi hacker app already compiled binary versions with OpenSSL support. Nmap for Android is a very useful app to hack WiFi. Some highlighted features of this WiFi Hacker app.
      • A Very light app, won't eat RAM on your device.
      • Automatically connects to WiFi after cracking the password.
      • Cracks WPS enabled and WEP encrypted WiFi Networks.
      • No advanced skills required.
      • The best wifi password hacker apps for android.
      This wifi hacker app for Android that really works.

      5. WIBR+

      This app can answer you “how to hack WiFi password” question. It really works and with this app, it is possible to access any WiFi network. WIBR is an application for hacking of security of the WPA/WPA2 PSK WiFi networks. There are three predefined wordlists which you can use. It contains a list of most commonly used passwords. But here is a little glitch that for WPA passwords, the minimum length is 8 characters and shorter passwords will be skipped. The process is very slow due to the nature of the WiFi connection handling in Android. It can take a long time, the wifi has to be enabled all the time, so WIBR is also battery eater. Extra features of this incredible WiFi Hacker app.

      • It's easy as 1-2-3.
      • WIBR will change the password for the selected network.
      • WIBR is easily hacking WiFi on other encryptions than WPA/WPA2.
      • The paid version is better and still living in the Play store.
      This WiFi password hacker download here.

      6. Reaver

      Reaver for Android is a best wifi password hacker app for android. It also called RfA short. This awesome app actually useful for Hacking WiFi through the rooted Android system. Many router models got WiFi Protected Setup, short WPS, implemented, which is pretty vulnerable. It attacks WPS-enabled routers and retrieves the actual WPA-key after WPS-Pin is cracked. This real WiFi Hacking tool intended to show a big security hole. It's also capable activates and deactivates Monitor-Mode automatically. There are some cool features which are implemented yet.
      • Reaver provides only a terminal interface.
      • External script support.
      • Connect automatically when finds the WPA-Key.
      • A simple reboot should fix everything.
       This is a real wifi hacker app android.

      7. aircrack-ng

      It is the best wifi password hacker apps for android without root. Android is pretty much like the Ubuntu operating system, so its difficult to running wifi chipsets on phones that do not support "monitor mode". This mode is required to capture any information from the air. Android also sports the Linux kernel. The easiest way to Hack WiFi adapter is to rebuild the android kernel with the aircrack-ng WiFi Hacker app. If you do not have experience building a Linux kernel, it is best to use aircrack-ng WiFi Hacker app on CyanogenMod. This Wifi hacker app for Android that really works and has some extra features:
      • With this app, possible to use an external Wi-Fi adapter with an android phone.
      • Rebuilt Linux kernel.
      • ADB and fast-boot supported.
      • Find the GitHub page for the CyanogenMod kernel for your device.
      This wifi password hacker download here.

      8. WiFi Kill

      The WiFi Kill is one of the best real wifi hacker apps for Android that really works. With WiFi Killer app you can disable any internet connection for a device on the same WiFi network. With this real Wifi hacker app just kill all active connection and stay with a full bandwidth just for yourself. With a simple interface, you can see traffic used by a device, the network names, and grabbing the traffic. After launching this best wifi password hacker app just hit scanning network and it shows different users connected. You can end the internet connectivity simply click on kill button. Some time you blocked the Internet and still connected to the wifi but the Internet didn't work. This is an early release and new features will come soon.
      • Showing bytes transferred by "grabbed device"
      • UDP protocol blocking.
      • Redirect HTTP traffic to specific IP.
      • NetBIOS name resolution.
      Wifi password hacker app for android free download.

      9. Netspoof

      This app lets you hack wifi password from an Android phone. This application shows vulnerable in wifi networks with simple attacks. It becomes very obvious when Network Spoofer is being used on a Wifi Network, and the use of Network Spoofer will be considered malicious hacking. Netspoofer provides protection against SYN-flood attacks, the establishment of a safe connection. Implementation of this protocol allows the network to bring a new level of speed, reliability, security, and data transmission capabilities over the network. Hack any WiFi and make full use of their opportunities. This best wifi password hacker apps for Android is also available in the Android Market and apple store. This is an Excellent project! Recommend everybody with its extra features:
      • Best WiFi Hacker app WPS enabled networks.
      • Get WiFi Password without any command.
      • No root access required.
      • Automatically connect to WiFi after cracking the password.

      10. WPS Connect

      WPS Connect is also an excellent WiFi Hacker app. With this app, you can connect to WiFi networks which have WPS protocol enabled without wifi password. Just install and start playing with the WiFi networks of the surroundings. WPS Connect verifying if WiFi router is vulnerable to a default PIN, as well as algorithms such as Zhao Chesung (Compute PIN) or Stefan Viehböck (easyboxPIN). WPS Connect easily Hack WiFi password and connect your Android device to that. App developed with some extra features:
      • Less time consuming with WPA/WPS connect.
      • Work on all Android Versions and smartphones.
      • Easy to use and very smooth Android app.
      • Also suitable for WPA2 PSK encrypted WiFi networks.
      The best real wifi hacker app for android without root.


        All WiFi Hacker Apps are for only educational purposes. I recommend using them for testing their own WiFi security system. Hacking or attempting to crack someone else’s WiFi security without permission is a crime. It's illegal to crack or hack someone's WiFi Password and strictly prohibited to do such actions. And we are not responsible for any loss. Try all there apps and tell us which one is the best wifi password hacker apps for android.

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        Pufmag: Top Best Real WiFi Hacking Apps For Android Smartphones | Latest Edition
        Top Best Real WiFi Hacking Apps For Android Smartphones | Latest Edition
        Introducing some Real WiFi Hacking Apps for Android, let me explain some basic queries about these Apps. Mostly WiFi network devices are secured with WEP
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